Институт развития информационного общества

NCRII published the AI Readiness Index prepared with the participation of IIS experts

The annual analytical report “Index of Readiness of Priority Sectors of the Economy of the Russian Federation for the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence” contains a systematic assessment of the level of readiness of the Russian Federation for the implementation of artificial intelligence in certain areas of activity. The areas of use of artificial intelligence technologies in 18 priority sectors of the economy and sectors of the social sphere have been studied. Much attention is paid to non-digital factors (public policy, regulation, personnel, research and development, trust and security) and digital foundations (infrastructure, data) that influence the level of use of artificial intelligence in organizations working in priority areas. Assessments of the effects of AI technologies is also given.

In the 2023 survey, conducted by the National Center for the Development of Artificial Intelligence under the Government of the Russian Federation (NCRII) together with JSC All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion with the support of more than 14 federal authorities, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, 4,120 organizations from priority areas of activity took part . Employees and experts from the Intelligent Analytics company and the Institute of the Information Society took part in the analysis and processing of data.

Regular use of the AI Index allows not only to monitor the effectiveness of the use of AI technologies in various fields of activity and assess the favorable conditions available for this, but also to manage changes to achieve the goals of the National AI Development Strategy.

The framework and methodology for calculating the AI Index, developed in 2021, includes three areas:

1) the current level of use of AI in priority areas of activity;
2) effects from the use of AI;
3) factors (conditions) influencing the use and impact of AI.

In the reporting year 2023, the conceptual approach remained unchanged; only the composition of the indicators characterizing each of the areas of the AI Index was consistently clarified. These changes mainly affected indicators related to factors such as strategic planning and regulation, management of the development and use of AI, personnel and competencies, research and development, infrastructure and data, trust and security.

The AI index in 2023 is calculated for 18 priority areas of activity: agro-industrial and fishery complex, higher education, healthcare, ICT sector, media and mass media, science, manufacturing industry, education (general, secondary and secondary vocational), development of the urban environment, social sphere, construction, trade, fuel and energy complex, transport industry, tourism, physical education and sports, financial services, ecology and environmental management.

Source: National portal “Artificial Intelligence of the Russian Federation”