Институт развития информационного общества

Yuri Hohlov: “Technologies are not to blame: the main thing is how humans use them”

On November 25, 2021, a plenary session of the IV International Scientific Forum “Technological Leadership: Looking Beyond the Horizon” was held. The event was addressed by Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society, project leader for big data monitoring and standardization. The project is run by the NTI Competence Center for Big Data at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

According to Yuri Hohlov, digital development includes several stages: the birth of an idea, its transformation into an innovation, then into a technology and finally into a solution, which then begins to be massively applied and bring socio-economic effects.

To make digital development possible, it is necessary to create an enabling environment: a set of certain factors. These include human capital, a developed and accessible digital infrastructure, trust in digital technologies, safety of their use, targeted government policy, as well as a favorable business climate in the country, industries or individual regions. In addition, an equally important factor in digital development is regulation, and not only legal. Technical regulation or standardization also promotes the digital development. “The standard is the concentrated knowledge of humanity, which is in the public domain. The use of standards allows both companies and people not to spend a huge amount of resources on reinventing the wheel,” said Yuri Hohlov.

Another type of regulation is self-regulation, including that related to the ethical use of digital technologies. “The recently adopted Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence and the previously approved Code of Ethics for the use of data are extremely important, because we are not able to fully regulate the issues of ethics or unethical use of technologies at the legislative level. I always say that technologies are not to blame, they are neutral: the main thing is how a person uses them, being the bearer of certain ethical and moral attitudes,” added Yuri Hohlov.

Let us recall that there is Technical Committee 164 for standardization “Artificial Intelligence” (TC 164) in Russia/ This is a mirror image of the international subcommittee ISO / IEC JTC 1 SC 42 Artificial Intelligence. TC 164 includes subcommittee 02 “Data” (PC 02), headed by Yuri Hohlov and supported by the NTI Competence Center on Big Data at Moscow State University.

Source: NTI Competence Center for Big Data at MSU