Институт развития информационного общества

The Institute of the Information Society celebrates its 23rd anniversary

On September 7, 2021, the Institute of the Information Society celebrated its 23rd anniversary.

The area of ​​professional activity of IIS is research, analytics and consulting, legislative, publishing and educational activities on a wide range of problems of information society and knowledge economy, as well as R&D and system integration in the field of creating modern information technologies, including design and implementation of different ICT solutions from the infrastructure level to the level of applied expert systems.

Over the years of its existence, IIS took part in fulfilling orders from federal and regional authorities, federal scientific funds. The Institute’s partners and customers are also large commercial companies, state unitary enterprises, government agencies, universities, research institutes (including RAS systems), non-profit organizations, and international organizations.

IIS has carried out a number of serious conceptual and methodological developments of national and international importance.

The Institute also has extensive experience in the development, implementation and examination of projects related to the e-development of Russian regions. Among the significant results of the work of IIS, it is necessary to mention e-readiness assessments of Russia and its regions, which were regularly published since 2001.

In total, the Institute has held more than a hundred events at the regional, national and international levels, published over 30 books on a range of problems of the information society.

Since 1999, the Institute, together with the Russian Engineering Academy, has been the publisher of the scientific and analytical journal “Information Society”, the only publication in Russia that comprehensively and systematically covers the problems of the information society development. In 2010, the journal was included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, and in 2015 it confirmed its status. Also, since 2015, the journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index on the Web of Science platform.

Leading experts of the Institute have participated and continue to participate in the implementation of a number of initiatives promoting the use of ICT for comprehensive development in Russia and at the international level, in particular: the working groups of ANO “Digital Economy” on digital governance and artificial intelligence; subcommittee “Data” (PC 02) as part of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence” (TC 164) on the basis of RVC; Council for Digital Transformation of ANO “Digital Economy”; expert council under the Government of the Russian Federation (2014-2018); Working Group on the Measurement and Evaluation Tool for E-Participation Readiness (METEP), formed by the Division of Governance and Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2013-2015); WSIS Action Line C7 e-Government of the action plan for the implementation of the decisions of the World Summit on the Information Society (2012-2017); Council under the President of Russia for the Development of the Information Society (2009-2012); Expert Council “The Future of Government” of the World Economic Forum (2008-2012); Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID) (2006-2012); UN ICT Task Force (2002-2005); The Digital Opportunity Task Force (DOT Force) (2000-2001); The Global Bangemann Challenge (1998-1999), then converted to the Stockholm Challenge (2000-2010); Global Junior Challenge (1999-2009); Public Expert Council of the Moscow City Duma in the direction of “Information, Informatization, Communications, Telecommunications and Television” (1998-2001), then transformed into the Public Expert Council of the Moscow City Duma on the Development of the Information Society (2002-2006), etc.

The Institute today employs people of various specialties, ages and nationalities. They constitute a powerful intellectual and creative union of like-minded people, thanks to which the Institute was able to overcome all difficulties and become a recognized “expert of the first choice”, an independent leader of Russia in the development of the information society. We congratulate all IIS employees and partners on the 23rd anniversary of the company and wish you all good health, good mood and enduring faith in success!