Институт развития информационного общества

The first issue of the Information Society journal for 2021 is published

The full version of the 1st issue for 2021, in which 7 articles were published, can be viewed on the journal’s website.

At the end of last year, analyzing its publication activity, the editorial staff self-critically noted that some important topics were left without due attention. In the first issue of this year, this deficiency was partially overcome due to the placement of articles under the headings “Science and Innovations in the Information Society” and “Information Society and Law”.

Other articles of the issue were distributed under traditionally popular headings: “Digital Economy”, “Information Society and State Power”, “Education in the Information Society”, “Trust and Security in the Information Society”, “Information Society Technologies”.

The interest of scientists and researchers from other countries continues to please. This issue contains articles by authors from Azerbaijan and Belarus. Materials from Russia are presented by authors from Moscow and Vladimir. The editors hope that the geographical diversity of the portfolio will only grow over time.

It should be noted that thanks to the transition to a digital platform, the journal began to be published strictly on schedule, without a single day of delay. The editors, relying only on themselves and the authors, ceased to depend on the availability of external specialists, the difficulties of the printing house, and the vicissitudes of logistics. The publishing process has become easier and cheaper, valuable scientific materials are more accessible, and interaction with authors is less cumbersome.