Институт развития информационного общества

On December 15, 2020, the second expert session “Data as Infrastructure” will be held as part of a cycle of expert sessions on data policy

The World Bank, in collaboration with Russian partners, is holding a series of expert sessions on data policy issues “Data as a Key Factor of the Competitiveness of the Russian Economy”.

The first expert session organized by the World Bank together with the National Center for Digital Economy of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Institute of the Information Society, was held on November 24, 2020 as an online conference and was devoted to discussing Russia’s policy in the field of ensuring trust in the data ecosystem.

As part of the second expert session, which the World Bank is conducting jointly with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives with the support of the Institute of the Information Society, an expert discussion on the current Russian policy of data governance throughout their life cycle based on ensuring a reliable and efficient data infrastructure will take place.

In a data-driven economy, building trust through transparent data governance and use policies is essential, requiring attention to the entire data ecosystem. National governments play a key role in ensuring equal conditions for participants of the data ecosystem in terms of security and transparency. As an important producers and consumers of data, governments need to make strategic decisions about how they position themselves within the data ecosystem, and how this ecosystem as a whole has to be managed and regulated.

In the near future, the Russian government will need to address issues of strategic importance for the future development of a data-driven economy. These include the future directions and scope of the data governance system development at the federal and regional levels; the means by which access to national data resources from government, business and citizens is provided; consistent governance across the entire ecosystem; updating and coordinating existing rules, regulations and interoperability standards.

A solid infrastructure base is essential for further development. In the forthcoming World Bank report, data infrastructure is understood as a digital infrastructure that facilitates data exchange and sharing.

The session will be moderated by Vera Adaeva, head of the Center for digital development of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Oleg Petrov, lead digital transformation specialist of the World Bank.