Институт развития информационного общества

Nadezhda Shchegoleva

Doctor of technical sciences, professor

N. Shchegoleva was educated at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University (Faculty of Computer Technologies, 1990-1995, diploma with honors). In 2000 she defended her thesis on “Research and development of algorithms for the identification of multidimensional signals in computational tracking systems” (SPbGETU “LETI”). In 2017 she defended her doctoral dissertation on “Methods and models for representing images of faces as objects of observation” (ETU “LETI”).

N Shchegoleva has over 20 years of teaching experience and work experience at the Faculty of computer technologies and Informatics of ETU “LETI” and the Faculty of applied mathematics – control processes of St. Petersburg State University. Currently he teaches courses “Applied problems of building modern computing systems”, “Biometric technologies”, “Software testing”, “Verification, certification and quality of software”, “Computer methods applications in CH preservation” methods in the preservation of cultural heritage master’s degree in “Science of the preservation of cultural heritage (“Heritage science”, will be launched in fall semester 2021). Under her leadership, teaching materials were developed for the preparation of masters in the areas of “Software engineering” and “Applied mathematics”.

Significant scientific results obtained by N. Shchegoleva, are associated with the development and comprehensive study of methods and models for representing face images in their own subspaces based on two-dimensional projection methods, which make it possible to create on their basis systems for searching and recognizing face images that are less computationally complex, and use several sets of initial data. This made it possible to solve a number of applied problems of processing different classes of images, and in the general case, other multimedia data within the framework of new concepts and approaches.

Her research interests lie in the field of biometrics and big data analytics: face image detection and recognition, biometric identification systems and intelligent video surveillance, access control, human-computer interactive systems.

Prof. Shchegoleva has completed a number of topical research projects. Among them are:

  • developing and improving the efficiency of systems for searching for the original image of a face in a large database based on a composite (sketch) obtained from descriptions of witnesses or participants in a certain event (including a criminal one);
  • solving the problem of joint storage of images of faces and associated biometric and documentary information about a person in a compact graphic form – color QR codes, which allows not only to increase the representativeness of information, its security and versatility, but also to effectively use this compact representation for registration, authentication , identification, search and recognition of people in access control systems and cross-border control systems, in video surveillance systems and human-computer systems, as well as to implement data exchange according to universal standards and international channels.

Currently prof. Shchegoleva is engaged in research related to big data:

  • data consolidation to provide a unified information space for groups of companies, integrated horizontally / vertically, classification of big data, formation on the basis of the concept of a universal data lakes and in accordance with the classification of big data of a stack of tools united in the data API, the big data ecosystem for fast and efficient data processing and analysis, taking into account the available resources;
  • development of flexible storage systems that allow you to work with different types of data and provide online access to data based on a new data management paradigm – intelligent data virtualization;
  • monitoring and ensuring the quality of systems working with Big Data, calculating data quality indicators in real time, effectively using operational data, improving the quality of data analysis and decision-making;
  • the use of distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence in finance and investment – a decentralized platform for crowdfunding investment capital.

N. Shchegoleva speaks at international, all-Russian and scientific and technical conferences, seminars, teacher of the school “Big Data Analytics” (Dubna). The main theoretical and practical results have been published in more than 90 scientific papers, including two monographs, two textbooks, 5 patents.