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IIS leader spoke at the Malyshev Readings

On March 28-29, 2024, the twentieth anniversary international congress “XX Malyshev Readings: Education, Technology and Society at the Change of Eras” was held at the President Hotel. Malyshev Readings are the main scientific event of the Witte Moscow University (MUIV).

The Congress was dedicated to the transformation of science and society, the current situation in achieving sustainable development goals and developing solutions to achieve sustainable development goals in the Russian Federation.

Scientific and pedagogical workers, heads of Russian and foreign universities, representatives of the technology and education industry, international, public and other organizations, educational platforms and corporate universities, as well as representatives of young science and government authorities were among participants of the congress.

On March 28, the congress was opened by:

  • Alexander Semenov, rector of MUIV
  • Rostislav Razumchik, deputy director for research, Federal Research Center “Informatics and Control” of RAS

The plenary session was devoted to the topic “Education in the era of transformation: Modern challenges and possible solutions.” It was moderated by Andrey Belotserkovsky, vice-rector of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, and Marina Tsurkan, professor of the Department of public administration of Tver State University.

The following speakers made their presentations at the plenary session:

  • Marina Borovskaya, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, President of the Southern Federal University
  • Mikhail Gordin, rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Evgeniy Ivashkevich, rector of the Central University
  • Oksana Kosachenko, Chief investment director, Sistema PJSFC
  • Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of directors, Institute of the Information Society, full member of the Russian Academy of Engineering
  • Alexey Semenov, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, full member of the Russian Academy of Education, head of the Department of mathematical logic and theory of algorithms of the Faculty of mechanics and mathematics of Moscow State University; director of Berg Institute of Cybernetics and Educational Informatics, Federal Research Center “Informatics and Control” of RAS
  • Vladimir Zernov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, rector of the Russian New University, chairman of the board of the Association of Private Educational Organizations of Higher Education and Professional Educational Organizations of Russia
  • Barasbi Karamurzov, full member of the Russian Academy of Education, advisor to the President of the Russian Union of Rectors
  • Olga Oleynikova, leading analyst of the Center for the development of higher education and secondary vocational education of the Russian Academy of Education, director of the Center for the study of problems of vocational education
  • Igor Surat, president of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

Next, an extended joint meeting of members of the Sustainable Development Consortium and the Moscow Club for Sustainable Development took place.

On March 29, meetings of scientific tracks were held:

  1. New educational paradigm in the context of economic transformation
  2. Information technology and digitalization of education
  3. Sustainable development in Russia: the state of the legal field and legal practice
  4. Managing sustainable development of the Russian Federation in the context of global challenges and threats to economic security
  5. Views of young scientists on the problems of sustainable development

Source: MUIV website