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Yuri Hohlov spoke at the VI International Scientific Forum “Step into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy”

March 21, 2024, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics hosted the VI International Scientific Forum “Step into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy”. The topic of the forum was “Personnel for the Data Economy”.

The program of this large-scale forum included the following events:

Plenary session

Pitch session of the international business club

Discussion sessions:

  • Artificial Intelligence as a Driver of the Data Economy
  • Artificial intelligence technologies in strategic analysis and forecasting
  • Artificial intelligence technologies in strategic analysis and forecasting
  • Personnel sovereignty in the IT sector
  • The transition from digital transformation to the data economy: results and prospects
  • The influence of artificial intelligence technologies on personnel policy in the Russian economy
  • Legal regulation of intellectual property in the context of the digital economy and the development of artificial intelligence: problems and prospects
  • Digital industrial revolution: new materials, technologies, platforms
  • Artificial intelligence technologies in strategic analysis and forecasting
  • Quantum Potential
  • Modern technologies in the media sphere and education: risks and prospects
  • The role of digital assets in the transformation of the global financial system
  • Artificial intelligence, cyber technologies and technoplatforms of digital ecosystems
  • Corporate communications ecosystems in the data economy

Youth session of scientific and practical projects “Innovative projects and promising developments”

Academic session “Science in the Data Economy”

Round tables:

  • Political and socio-psychological processes in the context of the emergence of the data economy
  • Business ecosystems: new personnel for new economic models

Panel discussion “Metaverses and artificial intelligence in creative industries”

Events with the participation of representatives of Russian and foreign branches of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Round tables:

  • Digital industry. Trends in digital transformation and integration of the national economy into global processes (Tashkent branch)
  • Development of the tourism industry of Mongolia in the context of the implementation of the national program “Mongolia Digital Nation (Ulaanbaatar Branch)
  • Experience of interaction between education, business and government on issues of digital transformation (Tula branch)
  • Artificial intelligence: end-to-end technologies in the regional economic sectors (Perm branch)
  • Digital solutions for regional development (Krasnodar branch)
  • Management of the 21st century: new principles using artificial intelligence technologies (Yerevan branch)
  • Data economy: key trends and approaches to regional development (Ivanovo branch)
  • Environmental contribution to sustainable development of territories: integration and analysis of big data (Sevastopol branch)
  • Digital economy: cloud technologies and data storage (regional experience) (Volgograd branch)
  • Data economy: current challenges and opportunities for society (Smolensk branch)
  • Priorities for digital transformation of the regional economic system: new challenges and prospects for investment development of the Voronezh region (Voronezh branch)

Scientific and practical round table “Conditions and factors determining the success of territorial development” (Pyatigorsk branch)

Discussion sessions:

  • Transformation of the traditional labor market. Digital (platform) employment: trends, opportunities, risks (Orenburg branch)
  • Digital future: society, university and business at the crossroads of technology (Bryansk branch)
  • Discussion session of young scientists, students and graduate students “Digital ecosystem – the basis for the development of the digital economy and post-industrial society” (Minsk branch)

At the discussion session “Artificial Intelligence as a Driver of the Data Economy” the following topics were discussed:

  • Current and prospective contribution of artificial intelligence technologies to the GDP of the Russian Federation
  • Standardization and licensing of artificial intelligence technologies
  • Information security and data protection in the era of intelligent big data analysis technologies
  • Financial literacy of the population and the security of financial institutions in the context of massive automated cyber attacks on organizations and data warehouses
  • Digital transformation of secondary, higher and vocational education based on artificial intelligence technologies

The moderator of the session was Timur Mradovich Sadykov, Head of the Educational and Scientific Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, Neurotechnology and Business Analytics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The invited speakers:

  • Nikita Sergeevich Yakunov, Deputy Director of the Department of Strategic Development and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
  • Mikhail Sergeevich Skvirsky, Managing Director, Head, Data Research Center for Government Agencies, Sberbank PJSC
  • Evgeny Valentinovich Osadchuk, Deputy Director for Federal projects in the direction of “Digital Transformation of Industries”, Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Digital Economy”
  • Yuri Evgenyevich Hohlov, Chairman of the Board, Institute of the Information Society
  • Gorobets Andrey Valerievich, Director of the Department of Digital Transformation and Big Data, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
  • Oshakbaev Rakhim Sakenovich, Director of the Talap Center for Applied Research, Republic of Kazakhstan