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Yuri Hohlov took part in the examination of innovative projects using AI as part of the ARMY 2022 forum

A special thematic issue of the all-Russian newspaper “Industrial Weekly” No. 01 of August 15, 2022 (p. 20), dedicated to the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY 2022”, reports:

“In the period from August 15 to 18, 2022, the Department for the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation organizes and conducts an examination of innovative projects for the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

The examination is planned in various formats (panel discussions, poster presentations), which makes it possible to reasonably evaluate projects of varying degrees of readiness, as well as to identify new approaches to the use of artificial intelligence technologies in various fields of scientific and practical activities.

Representatives of the federal executive authorities, state corporations, the Advanced Research Foundation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, institutions of higher professional education, and the country’s military-industrial research and development complex have been invited to participate in the examination events.

Experts from leading scientific organizations will conduct an examination and discuss the submitted projects. The method of expert assessments will determine the possibility and expediency of including the most outstanding achievements in the register of scientific and technical groundwork recommended for use in the development and implementation of military and dual-use artificial intelligence technologies in the interests of solving the problems of ensuring the defense of the state (hereinafter referred to as scientific and technical groundwork).

It is assumed that the geography of the examination will cover more than eight cities. Thanks to the remote format of project materials presentation, specialists from St. Petersburg, Karachay-Cherkessia, Sarov, etc. will be able to take part in the work.

With the expansion of the range of applied problems solved with the help of artificial intelligence technologies, the number of ways to solve them is steadily increasing.

The proposed approach to identifying the existing scientific and technical backlog will expand the existing format of interaction between the state customer and potential performers of research and development work in order to reduce the time to implement advanced research results.”

On August 15-17, 2022, Yuri Hohlov, chairman of the Board of directors of the Institute of the Information Society, participated in the examination of innovative projects using artificial intelligence technologies.