Институт развития информационного общества

Yuri Hohlov: “You need to go to the international level with something original, with your own know-how”

On November 8, 2021, within the framework of the National Technological Revolution 20.35 barcamp, a session was held on how the NTI Competence Centers and NTI Infrastructure Centers participate in the international and national standardization of end-to-end technologies. The session was moderated by Nikita Utkin, director for development of technological standards of the NTI Platform. During the discussion, the session participants raised the issue of bringing Russian standards to the international level.

The event was addressed by the chairman of the Board of directors of the Institute of the Information Society Yuri Hohlov, who is also the chairman of the Data subcommittee of TC 164 and the head of the project for big data monitoring and standardization, carried out by the NTI Competence Center for Big Data, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU NTI Center). According to him, “you need to go to the international level with something original, with your own know-how.” Experts of the Data subcommittee develop original approaches to measure how “a lot of data” differs from big data, and also study the issues of anonymity of personal data. “This pioneering work of the members of our subcommittee from St. Petersburg University can be applied to address very topical issues for the country – the issues of data depersonalization and assessing the degree of their depersonalization, which will allow us to introduce a lot of data from people into economic circulation, but without violating the legislation on personal data. If this research work turns into a practical solution, then we will promote this approach as an international standard,” said Yuri Hohlov.

Sergei Afanasyev, a leading specialist at MSU NTI Center, spoke about the Center’s active participation in the big data standardization both at the national and international levels. In 2019, the Center took over the functions of the secretariat of the “Data” subcommittee (part of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence” – TC 164). The work that is being carried out is designed, first of all, to reduce the lagging behind the international level of big data standardization in Russia. So, the fundamental terminological national standard (GOST) has already been approved and entered into force: it is identical to the international one and was prepared by the MSU NTI Center together with the Institute of the Information Society. In addition, the organizations have developed six more draft standards, which are at various stages of approval. These documents address the Big Data Reference Architecture, Big Data Analytics Process Management Framework, and Big Data Terms of Reference.

Sergey Afanasyev noted that the current lag of Russia from the leading countries in the big data standardization varies from 19 to 45 months. “In the near future, we hope to close the gap in most international standards for the big data reference architecture by adopting similar standards in Russia. This will allow us to speak the same language with foreign colleagues,” the speaker noted. According to him, experts from the Russian data subcommittee work in the international subcommittee ISO / IEC JTC 1 SC 42 Artificial Intelligence, the mirror image of which is TC 164. “We participate in the development of international standards related to the structure of the data life cycle, the terminology of artificial intelligence. We pay special attention to participating in the creation of a series of international standards in the field of data quality for analytics and machine learning. Here we hope not only to minimize, but even not to allow a lag: it is planned to practically simultaneously adopt the corresponding series at the international and Russian levels.” Moreover, due to the fact that big data standardization has begun to develop in Russia, data quality standards may not be identical to international ones, but modified, taking into account national specifics.

The event was attended by:

Arsen Gareev, Director of the NTI Technological Development Management Center, NTI Projects Support Fund

Dmitry Lakontsev from the NTI Competence Center “Technologies for Wireless Communication and the Internet of Things” based on Skoltech

Kuzma Kukushkin from the NTI Competence Center “New Production Technologies” on the basis of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of Peter the Great SPbPU and the Technet Infrastructure Center

Alexander Voloshin from the Center for Electricity Transportation Technology and Distributed Intelligent Power Systems at the National research University MPEI

Boris Krupnov from the Competence Center for Technologies of New and Mobile Energy Sources of the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Alexey Dukhanov from the National Center for Cognitive Development at ITMO University

Alena Rybushkina from the EnergyNet NTI Infrastructure Center based on the North-West Center for Strategic Research

Andrey Patrakov from the NTI Infrastructure Center Aeronet based on the Aeronet Analytical Center

Source: MSU NTI Center