Институт развития информационного общества

The last issue of the Information Society journal for 2020 is released

The full version of the 6th issue for 2020, in which 7 articles were published, can be viewed on the journal’s website.

In the past year, we published exactly 50 articles by various authors from Astrakhan, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nalchik, Novosibirsk, Orel, Perm, Pskov, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Saransk, Stavropol, Tomsk, Yakutsk – we have not yet had such a coverage of Russian territory. We had four foreign researchers from Baku, from the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Among the authors of this year’s articles there were 46 candidates of science and 21 doctors of science. There were also graduate students, specialists without academic degrees, and even students for whom our journal is by no means closed, if they write together with their mentors or send interesting and high-quality independent works.

The most popular topics were “Digital Economy” (8 publications), “Socio-economic aspects of the information society” (6), “Education in the information society” (6), “Information society technologies” (6) and “Information society and the media” (5), which naturally reflected the general situation that influenced our life in 2020. This was followed by the headings “Human in the information society”, “Information society and state power”, “Trust and security in the information society” (3 publications each), followed by “Culture in the information society”, “Science and innovation in the information society”, “Information society and law”, “Measuring the information society” (2 publications each). The topics “Fundamental research in the field of information society” and “Foreign experience. International cooperation” were populated only by one publication each. But the topics “Leaders of the information society”, “Information society: policy and drivers”, “Healthcare in the information society”, “Sports and tourism in the information society” remained empty.

The above statistics suggest that we need to purposefully work with scientists and specialists from different fields of knowledge, especially those that remained uncovered this year. We also plan to work more actively with foreign authors, publishing their works in English. We have already taken the first step on this path in the fifth issue of our journal and we are not going to stop there.