Институт развития информационного общества

Yuri Hohlov ranked seventh in the first public rating of experts in the digital economy

For Russia, the digital economy is becoming one of the development priorities. The digitalization trend is recorded at various levels of public authority, and the importance of a technological breakthrough is becoming an integral part of the governance discourse. The speed of the digital economy development makes it one of the most dynamic industry, the slightest lag in it now can provoke a chain reaction and lead to global development problems in the future.

The unsatisfactory results of the previous government on the implementation of the “digital economy” national project led not only to a change of persons responsible for it, but also provoked a discussion about a possible change in the national project itself.

The specificity of the field, its rapid development and the obvious crisis significantly increase the importance of expert knowledge on the digital economy, which can help overcome the gap that has arisen.

The Center for Current Politics, commissioned by the Expert Institute for Social Research, compiled a rating of experts in the field of digital economy.

The Expert Demand Index, developed by the Center for Current Politics, includes 4 criteria: mention, recognition, popularity, assessment.

Due to the high density of assessments among experts in the field of the Digital Economy, the determining factor (in the case of absolute equality of assessments) was the number of publications mentioning the expert in the media.

The rating of experts does not include persons who make government and / or political decisions (officials, deputies, heads of government agencies) in the industry under study, despite the fact that they may fall under the definition of an expert. The only exceptions are those subjects that were repeatedly noted by the expert community during the survey.

Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the IIS Board of Directors, took 7th place in the rating. Congratulations to Yuri Evgenievich, and, we wish him to further strengthen his personal prestige and the prestige of the Institute of the Information Society!

Source: https://cpkr.ru/issledovaniya/budushchee/reyting-ekspertov-v-sfere-tsifrovoy-ekonomiki/?sphrase_id=907 (in Russian).