Институт развития информационного общества

Valentin Padzhev

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers with a degree in aviation equipment operation.

In 1984 -1986, V. Padzhev served in the Soviet army.

Since 1986, he has been successively holding the positions of senior engineer, group head, and sector head of the Research Institute of Radio Instrumentation.

From 1994 to 2011, he worked in the Moscow City Prospective Development Department, Moscow City Economic Policy and Development Department, Moscow City Informatization Department. He finished his work in the authorities of Moscow as the first deputy head of the Informatization Department.

In 2011, he joined the Federal Customs Service where he held the positions of advisor to the head of the service, director of the Main Scientific and Information Computing Center of the FCS, head of the Central Information and Technical Customs Department of the FCS.

Since 1998, he has been cooperating with the Institute of the Information Society, at present he is the head of the Directorate of Legal Programs.

V. Padzhev participated in the creation of:

  • an automated information system for managing the budgetary process of the city of Moscow (1st and 2nd stages), including as the chief designer of the second stage of this system;
  • automated information system “Tax 2 Moscow”;
  • security systems for the City of Moscow;
  • the automated system of the Unified Information and Settlement Centers;
  • an integrated automated control system of the Ambulance and Emergency Medical Aid Station;
  • an integrated automated control system for the duty units of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow;
  • intelligent transport system of the City of Moscow.

Valentin Padzev participated in the implementation of the following projects:

  • Social card of a Muscovite;
  • Ring communication system of the Moscow Ring Road;
  • Automated system of housing subsidies and reimbursement of lost income;
  • several projects in the field of integrated traffic management.

V. Padzhev also participated in the development of:

  • Moscow City Intelligent Transport System Concept;
  • the concept of organizing transport services for the Moscow citizens.

He drafted more than 200 legislative, legal and regulatory legal acts.

V. Padzhev holds the titles:

  • State Councilor of the city of Moscow, first class;
  • Lieutenant Colonel of the Customs Service.