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Alexander Bogdanov

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor

A. Bogdanov was educated at the Leningrad State University (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, 1967-1972). In 1974 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on “The eikonal method in the three-body problem” (LSU). In 1984 he defended his doctoral dissertation on “Models of collisions and relaxation in the dynamics of real gases” (LSU).

He has over 45 years of teaching experience and experience at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics and advanced training courses at St. Petersburg State University, the Polytechnic University and the University of Fine Mechanics and Optics. He is currently a professor at the University of Amsterdam. He has lectured at over 20 leading universities in the world. At the present time, at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics – Control Processes, he teaches the course “Pre-design studies of problems in computational physics” and conducts a seminar “Functional methods of parallel computing”.

The main activity of A. Bogdanov is associated with mathematical methods of physics, calculation methods, mathematical modeling. Recently, his main efforts have been concentrated on the field of creating databases and knowledge bases for a number of applied areas and creating high-performance computing algorithms. At the same time, he deals with the problems of creating a computing cluster on various computer platforms, i.e. problems of network integration.

Area in which A. Bogdanov has obtained important scientific results is associated with Russian and international aerospace programs. The main programs are “Vega – Halley’s comet” and “Mars-94”. Other important applications are the Physicochemical Gas Dynamics Database and the HF Process Laser Optimization.

Prof. Bogdanov is an expert in the design, development and implementation of high-performance computing systems for solving complex scientific, engineering, research and analytical problems. With his direct participation, a number of projects have been successfully completed, including the implementation of the world’s first vector cluster (1994), the first Power cluster in Europe (1995), and the first Beowulf cluster in Eastern Europe (1996).

Under the direct supervision of A. Bogdanov the first experiment on distributed computing over the Internet was carried out with the participation of GMD, Germany and SARA (Netherlands). In 2003 A. Bogdanov was involved in developing the concept and architecture of a technical solution for the creation of a distributed supercomputer center in Canada IT & CSC.

Also, prof. Bogdanov developed concepts and supervised the construction of complex information-computing and information-educational complexes within the framework of the Union State Program “Development and serial implementation of a family of high-performance computing systems with parallel architecture (supercomputers) and the creation of applied software and hardware systems based on them”, as well as the program “Development of a complex of electronic textbooks on technologies of high-performance distributed computing.”

Prof. Bogdanov speaks at seminars and conferences, he is a member of the organizing committees of two leading international conferences in the field of high performance computing, a member of the editorial boards of two publishing houses, a member of the editorial board of three international journals.

To date, he has published about 280 works, 4 monographs, 2 textbooks.