Институт развития информационного общества

Peter Ershov

Peter Ershov was born in Losino-Petrovsky, Moscow region in 1983. Grew up in Kaliningrad, Moscow region (after renaming – Korolev).

In 2000 he graduated from secondary school No. 2 in the city of Korolev, and in 2006 – from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (Faculty of Theoretical Physics, Department of Applied Mathematical Physics, specialty “Mathematician – System Programmer”).

He has been working at the Institute of the Information Society (IIS) since March 2006.

He passed training in the field of project management according to PM BOK 2000 standards attached to MS Project. In a short time he gained experience in project management related to the development of information systems, performing research and development and R&D within the framework of the federal target program “E-Russia” and the city target program “E-Moscow”.

Peter Ershov actively participates in the preparation of analytical materials necessary for the implementation of contracts concluded by IIS.

Since August 2013, he has been the CEO of one of the companies of the IIS Group – K-Technologies LLC.

In November 2014, he was appointed Head of the Directorate for Regional Programs and Deputy Head of the IIS Directorate for Large Systems Architecture Management. He coordinated the development of the Methodology for continuous monitoring of the compliance of the activities of the state (municipal) authority with the requirements of legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation in the implementation of information technology.

Peter Ershov is fond of sports: has the title of Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in powerlifting, is a champion and multiple medalist of the Moscow region, six-time champion of Moscow in classic powerlifting.

He is fluent in English. He is married and has three children – daughter Milena (born in 2009) and sons Pavel (born in 2012) and Ivan (born in 2015).