Институт развития информационного общества

Yuri Hohlov participated in a strategic foresight session on fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence

In February, the President approved an updated national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence until 2030. Its implementation will make it possible to obtain an effect from the introduction of this technology of up to 11.2 trillion rubles for the country’s economy.

On May 30, 2024, a strategic foresight session on fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence was held at the Coordination Center of the Government of the Russian Federation. The session was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko.

“Artificial intelligence is the driver of industries designed to ensure the development of the supply-side economy. At the same time, with the advent of large language models, we are increasingly focused on supporting basic science. In particular, we opened research centers in the field of AI and on their basis began to train scientists whom we will involve in adapting generative AI to the needs of industries,” noted D. Chernyshenko.

Now the task is to increase funding for fundamental and applied science in the field of AI to 5%, and for research to at least 15%. In addition, it is planned to select 6 research centers that will conduct applied research commissioned by industrial partners, as well as train scientific specialists.

Taking into account the results of the foresight, 11 areas of exploratory research were formed, including:

  • machine learning architectures and algorithms,
  • computing and data for AI,
  • fundamental and generative models,
  • human-AI interaction,
  • applied research for science, education and social sphere.

Based on the results of the event, the Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, was instructed to work out a schedule for introducing all necessary changes to the state scientific and technological progress program. The Ministry of Economic Development will provide methodological support for these activities.

Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of IIS Board of Directors, took part in the strategic session in his capacity of a member of the expert council on advanced research in the field of AI and a foresight participant.

Source: Russian Government web site