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Yuri Hohlov spoke at a round table on data management on the GosTech platform

Representatives of the expert community in the field of data discussed methodological recommendations for managing GIS data on the GosTech platform.

Guidelines for data management on the GosTech platform were developed by a group that included representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, Federal State Institution “State Technologies” (GosTech), Russian companies and non-profit organizations.

The task of the working group was to study international experience, best practices for data management of the largest companies, as well as adapt them to the public administration.

Grigory Borisenko, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, who supervised the development of the document, commented that the draft document, which received the working title “Data Management Policy on the GosTech Platform”, is aimed at improving the quality and speed of digital public services, ensuring the transition to a data-based management model, as well as reducing the cost of data ownership at all stages of their life cycle.

“In addition to comprehensive regulatory regulation of data circulation within the public administration system, there is an uneven digital maturity of the landscape that we operate with. This, as well as the need to develop competencies in data management, including at the regional level, are taken into account in the plans for the implementation of this policy,” Borisenko added.

“Properly designed processes lie at the heart of data management,” highlighted Maksim Khaitovich, Advisor to the Director of GosTekh.

“The guidelines cover the tasks of data management at the strategic, operational and technological levels. The next step will be the adoption of data management regulations,” Haitovich said.

The experts who took part in the discussion of the guidelines assessed the timeliness of the document and made a number of recommendations for its improvement.

Director of the National Center for the Development of Artificial Intelligence under the Government of the Russian Federation (NTsRII) Sergey Nakvasin proposed creating a checklist based on methodological recommendations for those departments whose tasks in the near future include the creation of 80 datasets.

The expert community supported the GosTech initiative. The need to address several important issues was noted, including the lack of qualified personnel in the regions to replicate data management processes and the need to connect commercial companies to data exchange outside the state structures.

The need to regulate the work with data at the all-Russian level was also noted by Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society:

“It is necessary to develop and adopt a national strategy for working with data (including government data) for digital development, where the corresponding data management policy will be fixed, not only for government, but also for business and the non-profit sector,” the expert said.

Yuri Hohlov speaking at a roundtable on data management on the GosTech platform. February 17, 2023

Documents on data management on the GosTech platform – policies and regulations – are planned to be approved by the end of 2023.

The text of the guidelines for data management of state information systems created, developed and operated on the single digital platform “GosTech” is posted in the comments.

Source: GosTekh