Институт развития информационного общества

Yuri Hohlov was awarded a Certificate of Honor from Rosstandart

On December 7, 2022, at the V Extended Meeting of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence” (TC 164) within the framework of the 14th International Conference “Intellectualization of Information Processing” (IOI-2022), at the end of the plenary session, the Certificates of Honor of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) were awarded.

Awards were given to:

  • Chairman of Subcommittee 01 “Artificial Intelligence in Health” (TC 164) Yuri Vasiliev, Director of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine of the Moscow Health Department;
  • Chairman of Subcommittee 02 “Data” (TC 164) Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of the Information Society;
  • Head of the Working Group “Artificial Intelligence in Education” (TC 164) Valentin Dzedik, First Vice-Rector of Volgograd State University.

The awards were presented on the basis of the order of the Head of Rosstandart Anton Shalaev dated December 6, 2022 for active participation in the creation of a set of national standards related to AI and the high level of professionalism and responsibility.

Sergei Garbuk, Chairman of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence” (TC164), presents the Certificate of Honor of Rosstandart to Yuri Hohlov